CNC Lathe
Our new CNC LATHE that can make your precision and mass production needs.
Turning Process
Our turning facility is being facilitated by many experienced workers to deliver your needs.
Hobbing Process
We have a hobbing machine that can make your gear needs.
Freising Process
Our milling/freising process is highly controlled with a precision measurement tools. We can guaranteed your satisfaction.

Who We Are

Established in 1968, CV. VIGANO TECHNICAL WORKSHOP offering a workshop services for any kind industrial spare parts. With made by order and FIFO system, our services will be a guaranteed satisfaction for our customer. CV. VIGANO TECHNICAL WORKSHOP can cover many industrial fields. We can provide many more workshop services such as turning, welding, milling, cutting, etc. Our specialization is in precision work and quality of our services. To support it, we have lots measurement precision tools, machines, equipment, and many experienced workers and staff.

Since 1968 until now, we have serve many customer from many fields, such as textile industries, food industries, chemical industries, automotive industries, and many more. We always want to expand our services to cope with all industries fields out there.